Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits from Other Colleges

Faith Christian College will accept transfer credits from other colleges for courses within the general boundaries of its programs. Transfer credits are accepted for undergraduate programs only and are at the discretion of FCCollege. The following guidelines will be followed when granting transfer credits:

1) Transfer credits will be granted only when the Registrar’s Office receives an official transcript from the other school. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.

2) Credits may be transferred from other institutions on a course-by-course basis.

3) FCCollege will accept up to 50% of transfer credits toward a degree. 30 of the required 60 credits must be completed at FCCollege to receive an Associate Degree and 60 of the required 120 credits must be completed at FCCollege to receive a Bachelor’s Degree.

4) FCCollege will accept credit for courses in which a student attained a “C-“ or better grade.

5) FCCollege will only accept courses that are above a 100 level (courses designated ENG 90, MAT 95, etc. will not be transferred in).

6) FCCollege will not accept AP course credit (credits granted by high schools).

Life Experience in Ministry

Life Experience in Ministry (LEM) credit is only available for the undergraduate level. A qualified applicant for LEM is a minister who meets the following requirements:

1) The minister has experience teaching or preaching the Word of God in formal classes as higher education, church services for adults, youth or children for a minimum of four years.

2) Most of the material the minister has taught has been a result of their own studies and not pre-printed material.

3) Sunday school teaching, life group teaching or leadership, home Bible studies, cell groups or support groups do not count toward LEM credit.

4) Applicant is required to pay the LEM application fee and for each LEM credit awarded by FCCollege, as referenced in the Tuition and Fees section.


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