Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $50.00 per semester


Life Experience in Ministry Fees:

Application (non-refundable)    $50.00

Credit Tuition (per 3 credits)     $30.00

Graduation Apparel:

Undergraduate Gown Set         $35.00

Tassel                                            $5.00

Doctorate Gown                          $35.00


Tuition Discounts:

  • On-Time Payment: 10% off monthly tuition
  • Semester/Year Pre-Payment: 15% off tuition
  • Multi-Family Member: discount varies depending on how many family members are enrolled at FCCollege (does not apply to Audit students)

Payment Plans

Tuition is due on the first night of each new course. If the student is not able to pay tuition in full at the beginning of the course, a payment plan must be arranged with the college bursar. Our goal is to have our students complete each year of school with no debt, so tuition is paid in full during the school year.

Refund Policy

Students finding it necessary to withdraw from school will receive an adjustment in tuition paid.  However, no fees will be refunded. The refunds for monthly tuition are as follows:

  • Before the first week of class:        100%
  • Before the second week of class:   50%

No refunds after the second week of class

Any discounts received for pre-paying for a full semester or year will be void upon early withdrawal and refunds will be adjusted to account for the full tuition amount for completed courses.

Financial Aid

Faith Christian College is not a Title IV Accredited college, therefore Government Aid in the form of scholarships, grants or loans, is not available through the college. Students are welcome to privately seek out scholarships to help pay for their tuition.

There are a limited number of scholarships which have been funded through FCCollege. Students interested in applying for one of the scholarships must complete the Scholarship Application, which can be provided by the college or printed from the Files tab in Populi. Completion of the application does not guarantee the student will be awarded a scholarship for tuition and/or fees.

Tax Information

Faith Christian College has not been independently approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to issue 1098-T forms. The costs for attending FCCollege are not generally eligible for a tax deduction. Additionally, payments made to FCCollege for tuition cannot be considered donations and therefore cannot be written off as such. If in doubt, please seek advice from a professional tax preparer.


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